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21 Old Westbury Road
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation is a 501(c)3 organization.


The following is a list of Giving Opportunities at OWHC "Kehilat Shir Ami."   The suggested minimum donation is $18 (chai).  Please note that higher minimum donations apply for certain funds.  To make a donation, please click on the preferred method of payment next to each fund name.  Please note that there is a $100 minimum on all credit card donations.

OWHC is a 501 (c)3 Organization.

GALA JOURNAL  (click for details)

OLD WESTBURY HEBREW CONGREGATION SPRING GALA CONCERT Honoring JAY GOLDMAN and presenting the Humanitarian Award to SUSAN and RUSSELL BERMAN & FAMILY, Wednesday Evening, March 14, 2012.

ATID ENDOWMENT FUND  (Check)   (Credit Card)

This endowment is for the ongoing care and maintenance of our Synagogue.  Donations in any amount are welcome.  A minimum donation of $1,000 is required for acknowledgement on the ATID Plaque.

BIKUR HOLIM FUND   (Check)   (Credit card $100 min)

Donations support the work of the committee which provides support to ill and homebound members of our community.

Minimum donation:  $5  

CONGREGATION FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

These donations are used towards the operating needs of the congregation.

Minimum donation:  $5 

CHAI FUND  (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Contributions to this fund go to support  the Synagogue’s operating budget

Minimum donation:  $18 

EDUCATION FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Enhance our Religious School education.    Donations are used for Religious School expenses at the discretion of the Religious School Director and the Board of Education.

Minimum donation:  $18

ETZ HAYIM BIBLE FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Serves the ongoing need for new bibles for the Sanctuaries.  Dedication will be recorded on the inside cover of the book.

Minimum contribution:  $72

KULANU COMMITTEE FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

To increase the connection between OWHC with the broad community through educational and cultural venues committed to Jewish values.

Minimum contribution: $18

LIBRARY FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Contributions go towards purchasing books and technology for our Library.

Minimum contribution:  $18

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

To welcome new members in order to encourage their participation in the synagogue and foster a feeling of acceptance and warmth in the community.

Minimum donation: $18


MITZVAH COMMITTEE FUND  (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Your contribution helps carry out the mission of fulfillment of mitzvot through direct service, education about Jewish tradition and community issues and advocacy.

Minimum donation: $18


PRAYER BOOK FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

You can honor or memorialize someone with a Prayer Book for the Sanctuaries or for the High Holy Days.  Dedication will be recorded on the inside cover of the siddur.

Minimum contribution:  $36


RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND  (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

These donations are used towards various items at the discretion of the Rabbi. 

Minimum contribution:  $36

CANTOR'S DISCRETIONARY FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

These donations are used towards various items at the discretion of the Cantor.

Minimum contribution:  $36

  (E-mail for Details)

Minimum contribution $1,360


GROVE TREE   (Check)   (Credit Card)

Minimum contribution $540



Plaques are found in the Main Sanctuary. You can remember a loved one with a nameplate on our Yahrzeit board.    This donation includes a listing in the Book of Life at the High Holy Days.

Minimum contribution:  $720


MAIN SANCTUARY SEAT  (Check)  (Credit Card)

Dedication will be recorded on seat plaque.

Minimum contribution $1,800


TREE OF LIFE   (Check)   (Credit Card)

Your donation buys a gold leaf on Tree of Life.  The inscribed leaf permanently honors a family member or friend for a special occasion.

Minimum contribution:  $118


KIDDUSH FUND   (Check)   (Credit Card - $100 min)

Donations are used towards the weekly Congregation Kiddush.

Minimum donation:  $18

Sponsor a Shabbat  Congregation Kiddush or a Friday Night Oneg : $540

Sponsor a July or August Congregation Kiddush: $360

Sponsor a Weekday Minyan Breakfast: $180


For further information or to make a contribution by phone,

please contact the Synagogue Office at

333-7977 x 10


OWHC is a 501 (c)3 Organization.