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21 Old Westbury Road
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation is a 501(c)3 organization.
Be a part of OWHC History - donate to our Sefer Haftorah


          Sefer Haftorah (an actual Haftorah scroll!) is coming to Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation!  Do you have a bar/bat mitzvah coming up, or have you had one in the past year, either for your children or grandchildren?  What about a birth or wedding?  Creating a whole new Haftorah scroll offers you the opportunity to commemorate these joyful milestones.  In order to organize the donations, we created the following categories for the creation for this brand new and specially created Haftorah Scroll:


A $36 donation would put you in the “ot” category (the Hebrew word for “letter”)

A $180 donation is listed as a Milah (Hebrew for “word”)

A $500 donation is a Pasuk (Hebrew for “verse”)

A $1,800 donation is a Parasha (a “portion” of the Haftorah)

A $3,600 donation is the Bendel (the “Belt”)

A $5,000 donation is a Sefer (a “book” of the Haftorah)

A $7,500 donation is for the Etzei Chayim (inscribed wooden staves)

A $9,000 donation is for the Me’il (inscribed covering for the Haftorah)

A $10,000 donation is for the Yad (limited to one family name)


All donations would be recorded in a special piece of art work that would hang by the Sanctuary itself.  If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call us at the office and talk.  We would like to be able to commission the Sofer (ritual scribe) to begin working on the scroll now and have it fully completed and dedicated by the spring of 2011.  Take part in linking your name, or family’s name, to the most significant aspect of our tradition, for generations to come!  (Some categories may be subject to multiple inscriptions)


L’Shalom,                                                   B’Yedidut,

          Rabbi Stanger                      Cantor Karavani