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21 Old Westbury Road
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Weekly Announcements

September 23rd, 2011 ~ October 7th, 2011

24 Elul, 5771 ~ 9 Tishrei, 5772

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

Kehilat Shir Ami

21 Old Westbury Road

Old Westbury, New York 11568

Telephone: (516) 333-7977

Fax: (516) 333-6473

Email: office@OWHCong.org

Visit us at  www.OWHCong.org

Join us on www.facebook.com/owhcong  


Shabbat Candle Lighting: Friday, September 23rd at 6:33 pm

Shabbat ends ~ Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 pm

Weekly parasha: Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech  


Junior Congregation (2nd -6th Grade)

Saturday, September 24th at 10:00am - 11:30 am

Saturday, September 24th ~ Services (9:00am)

AM Bat Mitzvah


Saturday, October 1st ~ Services (9:00am)

AM Bar Mitzvah



Wednesday, September 28th ~ Erev Rosh Hashanah

Light Candles at 6:26pm

6:30pm – Service in the Small Chapel


Thursday, September 29th ~ First Day Rosh Hashanah

8:30am – Shacharit

9:15am – Torah Service

10:30am – Sermon

11:00am – Musaf

11:30am-12:30pm – 6th grade & up Youth Service

12:45pm-1:30pm – Family Service

5:30pm – Mincha Tashlich & Maariv (at the Kolker Residence)

Light Candles after 7:24pm


Friday, September 30th ~ Second Day Rosh Hashanah

8:30am – Shacharit

9:15am – Torah Service

10:00am – Shofar Service

10:30am – Sermon

11:00am – Musaf

12:00pm – Family Service


Shabbat Shuva (Sabbath of Repentance)

Light Candles at 6:23pm

Friday, September 30th

6:30pm – Evening Service

Saturday, October 1st

9:00am – Services 

Shabbat ends ~ Saturday, October 1st  at 7:18 pm

Weekly parasha: Parshat Ha’Azinu   


Friday, October 7th  ~ Erev Yom Yippur –Kol Nidre

Light Candles at 6:11pm

6:00pm – Mincha (promptly)

6:30pm – Kol Nidre Service  


Saturday, October 8th ~ Yom Kippur Day

9:00am – Shacharit

10:00am – Torah Service

11:00am – Sermon

11:30am – Musaf

12:00pm – Youth Service

1:30pm – Yizkor

2:30pm – Recess

4:00pm – Young Family Service

4:45pm – Mincha & Neila

5:30pm – Personal prayers at the Ark

6:50pm – Maariv, Havdalah and Sounding of Shofar

7:11pm – Fast Ends


Please join us...


3 Rabbis / 3 Nights / 3 Synagogues

Saturday, September 24th at 9:45pm & 10:30pm ~ Shelter Rock Jewish Center

Selichot Collation & Welcoming Program Services


INN’s Open House

Sunday, September 25th

11am – 3pm

You are invited to an Open House at Long Island’s largest Soup Kitchen, Mary Brennan INN, 100 Madison Ave, Hempstead.  For information contact Susan Berman, mitzvah@owhcong.org


Sisterhood Annual Membership Dinner ~ Save the Date

Tuesday, November 15th  – 6:00pm

Honoring Linda Sussman & Debi Yadegari

Invitations with details to follow

OWHC Education:


Pizza and a Hut ~ Erev Sukkot for Kitah Gimmel (3rd Grade Families)

Wednesday, October 12th

Families will learn about Sukkot and build the tree branch Sukkah in the fountain hallway.

OWHC Social Action Projects:

If you have any questions please contact Susan Berman, our Mitzvah Program Coordinator at mitzvah@owhcong.org.  Bins are in the main lobby for donation drop-offs.

Please help us...


Birthday in a Box & Diapers, wipes and paper Drive

Month of September

OWHC will provide birthday parties for children living in neighborhood shelters.

Diapers, wipes and paper Drive for local shelters


Canned Food Drive

September 1st – September 23rd

Canned food drive for The INN.


Open House at The INN

September 25th

All are welcome. See above.


OWHC Meetings:

Next meeting to be announced

OWHC Sisterhood:


Judaism 104: Jewish Women of Achievement

Wednesday, October 19th

Join us at our first session of the season.

OWHC Weekly Classes:

Please join us...


Look for the start dates after High Holidays…


Want to Daven? Not Sure How?

Join Cantor Karavani again in the fall and explore the meaning of Tefillah, learn to daven Shaharit




Tapping into Torah

Join Rabbi Stanger again in the fall and explore the Torah, our holiest book! Want to know what it is all about? What is in it?  What does it have to teach is?


Torah “bytes”

Fridays ~ am

Join Rabbi Stanger again each Friday morning in the fall immediately following minyan for insights into the weekly parasha & overall Shabbat experience


Sunday Morning Torah Discussion Group

Sundays @ 9:45 am

For more information please contact Dr Richard Navon at 319-2600

INFORMATION for Religious & Nursery/Preschool Programs:


For more information please contact Tobi Innerfield, Director of Congregational Education at educator@OWHCong.org or call the education office 997-8930.    


Nursery/Preschool Registration please contract Jen Fusco, Early Childhood Director or Iris in the Preschool Office 333-5949 or email nursery@OWHCong.org

Yahrzeits for the week

Saturday, September 24th


Sunday, September 25th

Marvin Colchamiro, beloved father of Jane Schlanger

Beatrice Geschwind, beloved mother of Roberta Kusnetz  


Monday, September 26th

Betty Friedlander, beloved grandmother of Elise Kitaeff

Robert Kay, beloved friend of Peter Madoff

Arthur Herman Miller, beloved husband of Natalie Miller 


Tuesday, September 27th

Jacob Hertz Burak, beloved father of Yeine Mohebban

Leo Gellens, beloved uncle of Evelyn Abeshouse

Beatrice Mandelbaum, beloved aunt of Richard Navon    


Wednesday, September 28th 

Hilda Feingold, beloved mother of Brian Feingold

Esther Finkel, beloved mother of Dr Sidney Finkel

Erna Freudenthal, beloved grandmother of Elise Kitaeff

Max Freudenthal, beloved grandfather of Elise Kitaeff

Mervin J Pelton, beloved father of David Pelton  


Thursday, September 29th

Joe Gewirtz, beloved father of Howard Gewirtz

Evelyn Levy, beloved grandmother of Evan Elkowitz

Lola Wagner, beloved mother of Leo Wagner


Friday, September 30th

Isabel Tolkin, beloved grandmother of Jeffrey Tolkin    


Saturday, October 1st

Lois Roberts, beloved mother of Susan Greenspan


Sunday, October 2nd

Rita Shaw, beloved friend of Charlotte Futterman

Dr Irving Spatz, beloved first husband of Jeanette Kornbluh 


Monday, October 3rd

Samuel Katz, beloved father of Dr Michael Katz


Tuesday, October 4th   

Lena Miller, beloved mother of Dorothy Schack

Rose Schack, beloved mother of Dr Julian Schack     


Wednesday, October 5th   

Harvey L Perlstein, beloved father of Ellen Mae Kaye 


Thursday, October 6th


Friday, October 7th

Robert Clair, beloved brother of Jerry Clair

William Garfinkel, beloved father of Dr Robert Garfinkel

David Goldfarb, beloved father of Sandy Goldfarb

Jess Unger, beloved father of Ellie Lifton     


*Please share your “Good and Welfare” with the congregation.  Call or email the office at 333-7977 x10 or office@owhcong.org


Daily Services:


Weekday Morning Minyan         7:15 am (except Wednesday)

Wednesday Morning Minyan     8:00 am

Friday Morning Minyan             7:15 am (insights into weekly parasha following services)

Sunday Morning Minyan            9:00 am (Weekly discussion group following services)

Legal Holidays                             9:00 am


Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation Mission Statement

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation is a vibrant, egalitarian congregation within the Conservative Movement.  We are devoted to making Judaism meaningful and accessible to all within our community. We endeavor to inspire all members, of all ages, to explore their involvement with Judaism, God, Israel and Jewish learning. OWHC seeks to create a feeling of warmth, belonging and caring and to strengthen the connection we feel with one another in our community.

Michael Stanger, Rabbi ~ rabbi@OWHCong.org

Yosef Karavani, Cantor ~ cantor@OWHCong.org

Barbara Badome, Synagogue Administrator ~ office@OWHCong.org

Tobi R. Innerfield, Director of Congregational Education ~ educator@OWHCong.org

Jen Fusco, Nursery Director ~ nursery@OWHCong.org

Pam Barnett, President ~   president@OWHCong.org

Steve Yadegari, Exec Vice President ~ execvp@OWHCong.org

Linda Sussman, Chair of the Board  ~ chair@OWHCong.org

Sisterhood ~ Ellen Sontag ~ sisterhood@OWHCong.org

Men’s Club ~Robert Kalish & Joel Kreitzer ~ mensclub@OWHCong.org

Minyan chair ~Richard Navon & Linda Prizer, minyan@OWHCong.org

OWHC website:                

Visit our website at www.OWHCong.org

Website questions?  Contact Deborah Horn: webmaster@OWHCong.org

Please direct announcement inquiries to Sue Lippe: announce@OWHCong.org

Join us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/owhcong


Donations:  Order your OWHC donation cards online.  Save time, save a phone call & go to the website. Go to “donations” fill out form, hit “send” ~ we receive & process your request to webmaster@OWHCong.org

If you find OWHC announcements useful, your friends might like them too... encourage them to send their subscription request to webmaster@OWHCong.org.


OWHC uses electronic mail strictly for synagogue business. We believe in the privacy of our congregants’ email addresses and therefore, we prohibit (i) the use of those addresses for the creation of mailing lists for any purpose not authorized by OWHC; (ii) the dissemination of those addresses outside the OWHC Community; and (iii) any commercial use, distribution, copying or disclosure of those addresses. Furthermore, this electronic mail transmission may contain confidential information intended only for the person(s) named. Any use, distribution, copying or disclosure by another person is strictly prohibited.

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